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Welcome to WTF Electrical

At WTF electrical services my work ethic is key. My commitment to offer you straight talking solutions, no jargon, gives you the right solution at a competitive price to suit your budget, I hold both Professional Indemnity and Public/Employers Liability Insurance, are City & Guilds trained to a minimum level 3 (NVQ) and continue to update my knowledge through ongoing Continuous Personal Development.

As a regularly assessed NICEIC Registered Approved Contractor/Domestic Installer, I offer a two-year non-insurance backed no quibble warranty on all installations and supplied non consumable parts, as a member of the NICEIC this is backed up by their Platinum Promise. Read more about the Platinum Promise.

The Work’s & Standards offered to our customers benefit from WTF being an ECA Member, meaning our organisation is independently technically assessed, on a regular basis. This ensures that we manage, supervise, and carry out our work to the required technical standards with the necessary skill, knowledge, and experience

ECA also offers a Guarantee of Works and an insurance-backed Bond which ECA Members can provide to their clients at no charge (subject to terms and conditions). These products provide assurances that the work our organisation carries out, is in line with our technical compliance certificate, will meet the relevant UK technical standards and in the case of the Bond it provides cover for the client, in the unlikely event of our insolvency.

Finally, in addition to our own in-house capability, our organisation has ready access to professional technical support from ECA across a broad range of electrotechnical matters. ECA also provides us with access to professional health and safety, business, environmental, and employment and skills support via dedicated helplines and our ‘Members only’ area of the ECA website.

We are, therefore, upon request pleased to share our technical compliance certification with our clients to demonstrate the areas of electrotechnical work where our organisation has been successfully technically assessed.


  • Emergency Repairs
  • Fault Finding
  • Repairs & Renewals
  • Additional Circuits & Accessories
  • Smart Technology
  • Electric Vehicle Charging
  • EICR’s
  • In service Test & Inspections
  • Portable Appliance Testing
  • Temporary Power (BS7909)
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Temporary Power

The BS 7909 Standard and why include this for your event?

BS 7909 is the Code of Practice for temporary electrical systems for entertainment and related purposes. It has been developed to ensure that all temporary electrical systems are safe for use before being put into service, although it has been around for several years it is relevant that event suppliers and organisers adhere to it this is to show that their electrical system complies with the British Standard.

A simple event, such as a DJ or function band playing at an event the compliance with BS7909 should be quite straight forward. Requiring just a few simple electrical tests with evidence of formal inspection & testing of electrical equipment being available, however BS 7909 becomes more in depth as the complexity of the electrical system increases.

BS7909 splits electrical distributions into two categories:
  • Small and Simple Systems are anything under 6kw and cover simple applications such as small event or setting up a stage/Pop up stand with a small PA & Lighting where the power source is taken from existing socket outlets and not outdoors. In this case the SRP will need to verify that all equipment is in good order, has been PAT tested and that the supply in use has been verified.
  • Large and Complex Systems covers everything else, ranges from utilizing a small single generator setup or simply running an extension lead outside from a building to large festival events utilizing multiple generators and distribution units in this case the SPR must be qualified so as to assess the additional risks and put in suitable protection methods.
Why WTF to sign off my Temporary system?

Although you don’t necessarily require a fully approved Electrician to sign off your event you are required to appoint a suitably qualified (Competent) person to oversee the electrical system, This person is known as the SPR (Senior Person Responsible) Testing is a major part of BS7909 many electricians may lack the experience within the events industry and may not be deemed competent to undertake this scope of work.

I have been involved in the event’s industry for over 25 years our electricians are fully trained to the latest standards to test your system and provide certification to verify compliance with BS7909.

The BS 7909 Standard is there to help ensure that your electrical system is safe for use. It shouldn’t be seen as another ‘Hurdle in event planning” and should be welcomed by event planners and production manager’s who want provide the best and the safest customer experience possible!

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